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In a bid to automate “premium” display media-buying, MediaMath on Monday announced partnerships with a host of inventory suppliers, including Yahoo and Microsoft. Other partners include iSocket, Shiny Ads and Yieldex.

"Programmatic direct” is also sometimes referred to as “guaranteed premium.” In this type of transaction, advertisers and publishers still work directly with one another, though many manual processes are automated.

MediaMath now boasts that TerminalOne, its demand-side platform (DSP), gives marketers access to both “guaranteed premium” and non-guaranteed inventory. In other words, advertisers will now be able to mange both real-time bidding (RTB) and direct campaigns through MediaMath’s platform. Additionally, marketers will be able to programmatically buy fixed-price inventory from certain publishers as a result of these partnerships.

Greg Williams, co-founder and SVP of OPEN partnerships at MediaMath, hopes the addition of “premium” inventory available via programmatic buying will bring in “a new sector of digital marketing professionals who expect direct access to premium inventory.”

MediaMath clients will have immediate access to sites such as Yahoo, MSN, Conde Nast, Forbes and USA Today through the Yahoo, Microsoft and iSocket partnerships. Inventory from Yieldex and ShinyAds is not yet available but will be soon, per the release.

Additionally, the new inventory that will be available to MediaMath clients is all U.S.-based inventory, though the company says access to global inventory will be available soon.

Merkle — a Columbia, Md.-based CRM agency — is named as an early user of MediaMath’s new programmatic direct offering.