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In what it claims is an “industry first,” Epsilon today launches its Advanced Digital Solutions Practice, an offshoot of a data-driven media business that it reports grew by 225% last year.

The new practice merges proprietary Epsilon data with the client's first-party data and offers up access to 100-plusEpsilon digital marketing experts cutting across several disciplines. The service has been in beta mode for the last 12 months and, according to the company, counts three leading telecoms, two top CPG players, and two automakers among its charter subscribers. Tests for these clients involved partnering with other providers such as Adobe, BlueKai, and MediaMath, and turned out revenue-doubling efforts, Epsilon claims.

“Marketing leaders frequently tell us that they're excited about the rapid evolution of digital media and emerging opportunities to use data online,” says Eric Stein, EVP of Epsilon's Online Solutions. "However, they need our help looking holistically across the online ecosystem to identify the right set of partners and tools for their objectives.”

In a statement announcing the official release of the new service, one of those partners weighed in on its merits. “Epsilon serves a critical role by providing the expertise, processes, and data that help brands get the maximum value out of solutions like ours,” says LiveRamp CEO Auren Hoffman.