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In today's rapidly evolving retail landscape, with audiences fragmented across the ecosystem, shopper marketing has changed dramatically. The wealth of consumer data available gives consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands an unprecedented opportunity to make their digital strategies work harder and identify and engage their audiences at the most optimal time.

"Why CPG Marketers Need to Embrace Digital Shopper Marketing," a new white paper from MediaMath, explores today's most pressing questions regarding digital shopper marketing. Through in-depth interviews with three executive-level digital marketers from different CPG brands, it reveals tangible examples of successes and misses in shopper marketing, along with a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities facing the savviest CPG companies.

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MediaMath has deep-rooted relationships with CPG marketers and expert knowledge of what such brands are doing in digital, particularly with regard to their programmatic strategies and the use of data. MediaMath's research uncovers a wide gap between CPG marketers who are truly driving innovation by embracing automated methods for purchasing online advertising inventory, and those who have yet to adopt digital shopper marketing strategies due to factors such as increased competition, inconsistent metrics, and a lingering reliance on analog practices among retail partners.

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Based in New York with 12 locations across five continents, MediaMath develops digital marketing technology and offers deep industry expertise, enabling marketers to connect with consumers individually and at scale across the entirety of the world's digital media. MediaMath's TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ enables marketers to customize their own technology infrastructure and leverage their data and industry data in the planning, execution, optimization and analysis of digital marketing programs, resulting in smarter decisions that grow their business. Powering the operations for thousands of marketers, including those representing 55% of the Fortune 100, TerminalOne enables its users to drive transformative business results across the entire digital ecosystem.