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The media scale proposition on offer from programmatic buying is “unprecedented” in digital advertising history, MediaMath’s Eric Wasserman said as it was announced he has taken on the role of global chief revenue officer for the company.

A co-founder of the company in 2007, Wasserman has observed the evolution of the programmatic trading scene and, as the company looks to expand its service further throughout the world, Wasserman told The Drum that the capabilities developing from the system to target consumers more specifically and effectively were enticing more and more marketers.

“I was fortunate to work with the first trading desks in the world and the first adopters of programmatic buying, and since then I’ve seen a great deal of evolution in both adoption and scale, and in marketing impact,” he said.

“What’s happening is fundamentally more and more media scale is available through programmatic channels and that means that where once it was just display, today it’s mobile, it’s social, it’s video, and the number of channels and means by which marketers have to get their message in front of consumers is expanding. That at its core is the reason programmatic buying is so enticing for marketers.”

Wasserman has moved to the global chief revenue officer role after leading efforts in EMEA and APAC over the last three years. MediaMath’s core service for marketers is the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System, and Wasserman believes that the future of the programmatic trade lies is developing the relationship it offers marketers to their customers.

“Fundamentally you have a media scale proposition that is unprecendented in digital advertising history and you have from that proposition the fact that sophisticated marketers want to take advantage of those markets and are doing so in more sophisticated ways,” he explained.

“The real time communication with a marketer’s customer base across multiple channels is the way of the programmatic future.”

Wasserman’s latest role follows former global CRO of Yahoo, AOL, CEO of Admeld and Google director Michael Barrett being appointed to the board of the company.

Commenting on Wasserman’s appointment, he said: “Erich’s ability to demystify the complexity of MediaMath’s unique technology platform and articulate the benefits to global advertisers is one of the reasons why he was so successful building the EMEA/APAC practice. It is this, along with his determination, talent for growing and scaling high-performing teams, and his sincere character, that will make him such a successful global CRO.”

MediaMath was founded in London and now has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston, London, Asia, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.