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TOKYO, Japan – the SSP "Kauli", a real-time ad platform for online publishers headquartered in Tokyo provided by Japan Kauli, Inc., and the marketing platform TerminalOne provided by US-based company, MediaMath, Inc. started RTB trading from 4th of October. 

Kauli is the first SSP started from September 2010 in Japan, major online publishers use Kauli’s “FASTDEAL the real-time analysis based ad selling technology to increase ad revenues and reduce operatingcosts. For Kauli’s trusted network and 60 million unique users and more than 16 billionimpressions/month to maximize online publishers' ad revenues. 

Kauli has already established itself as the best SSP in the Japanese market. Its integration withMediaMath’s marketing platform, TerminalOne, leverages its advanced and proprietary technologies, is ahighly strategic move in APAC. Kauli

enables publishers to sell real-time impressions in a transparentautomated way across leading PCs/Smartphones demand side partners. Through the company'slarge-scale data analysis, Kauli enables real-time audience based ad revenues on the same platform basedon audience behaviors analysis. 

MediaMath was founded in 2007 and has since become an industry leader. The company serves billionsof highly targeted ads per month on behalf of dozens of top-tier agencies, including all of the major agency holding companies

Starting RTB ad tradings with the marketing platform, TerminalOne, enables an efficient way of buyingad inventories from Japan premium publishers with a perspective of brand advertisers of MediaMath.

Greg Williams, Co-founder, SVP – Business Development & OPEN at MediaMath, commented, “We aredelighted to partner with Kauli and offer the benefits of MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing OperatingSystem™ to the Japanese market. This partnership – core to MediaMath's OPEN strategy – will createmore liquidity in the marketplace and further enable marketers to achieve their commercial objectives. We have been actively strengthening the MediaMath presence in Japan and the wider APAC region over the past few months, which is testament to the importance of this market to our business

“By integrating MediaMath’s TerminalOne platform into Kauli, our demand and supply partners willgreatly benefit from synergies on both sides of the PCs/Smartphones RTB ecosystem. This will further strengthen our leadership role in the PCs/Smartphones advertising industry as brands shift their focus ononline advertising spend said Katsuhiro Takata, CEO of Kauli.

Kauli, Inc.