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If you weren’t paying attention last week, you might have missed a very interesting announcement. LiveIntent has teamed up with MediaMath to provide MediaMath’s TerminalOne customers with the ability to purchase inventory, programmatically, via LiveIntent’s exchange.

This is interesting for a few reasons:

  1.  Inventory: LiveIntent has access to arguably the best inventory around. LiveIntent sells display inventory via Real Time Bidding (RTB), within email. They are the only company that has figured out how to serve ads within email, giving them exclusive access to a publisher’s greatest asset – their subscribers. They list Meredith, The Wall Street Journal & The Weather Channel as clients.
  2. Access: MediaMath’s TerminalOne is one of the largest, best and renowned Demand Side Platforms (DSP). If you currently run display campaigns via the TerminalOne Platform, you now have access to LiveIntent inventory, which can be purchased programmatically – exactly like you do across web display.
  3. Audience: LiveIntent’s inventory is made up exclusively of email openers, not anonymous site visitors. So our expectations of connecting with a more engaged and receptive audience are higher. In addition, based on their site, LiveIntent says you can target these openers by age, gender, geo and other targeting criteria.  This should allow marketers who utilize display with performance goals. The ability to take advantage of premium inventory, an engaged/premium audience, enhanced targeting features and MediaMath’s optimization capabilities.

It’s clear that RTB is an increasingly popular way in which marketers and advertisers reach their audience. And while it has been very easy to buy web display inventory programmatically, the same cannot be said for display within email… until now. LiveIntent has helped unlock some of the most valuable inventory on the web and now MediaMath has provided their large customer base access. The combination of email & programmatic buying sure is exciting.