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Earlier this month, Meredith, Suzanne, and I attended Media Math's Future Series event at the Liberty Hotel. The keynote of the evening was given by Adam Grossman, SVP of Marketing for the Red Sox. He was an insightful speaker, and his marketing advice can be easily applicable for any Boston gal trying to make it in business! Here are our top 10 pieces of marketing advice from the night:

-Apathy is worse than anger in marketing. This makes sense right? I mean, we've all heard the phrase "there is no such thing as bad publicity." Use any negative commentary as a guide for how to communicate the positives (Red Sox example: What's Broken Can Be Fixed).

-Communicate authentically and directly. With social media tools like twitter, facebook, and blogs, communicating directly at a personal level is easier than ever, and audiences love it.

-Engage and grow your fanbase. Engagement spreads. The more followers you have on various media outlets, and the more active they are, the more potential fans will want to follow you.

-Build faith by appealing to emotions. Build passion in your message. For Adam Grossman, that one is easy, because:

"Fenway is a Place That Melts You"

-Stamp your message. Whats the point of getting your message out to the public if people don't end up knowing where it is coming from!

-Delete clutter in your message. Build a clear, succinct mission statement.

-An image is worth 1,000 tweets

-Figure out what your fans need and offer it to them without losing authenticity. Grossman was able to do this by offering wifi at Fenway. What do your consumers want that fits within the constraints of your mission statement?

-Use analytics as a compass. Aren't sure what your fans want? Track what garners the most interest by paying attention to your web analytics.

-Reward loyalty. This means different things for different businesses, but your supporters are what make your business possible and you should thank them accordingly.

As the JUGs continue to meet young career gals through our "Who's That Gal" series, we look forward to seeing these marketing and business tips at work!