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In the future, users can access the DSP MediaMath with about 90 million unique users on the Weborama database. The classification of the database by demographics, buying interest and purchase intent is to allow customers a targeted planning of their online advertising campaigns. Greg Williams, co-founder of MediaMath explained: "The merger marketers looking convenient tool that enables them to access media and data transfer relevant advertising and reach specified target groups. Our customers can now reach Weboramas data segment in a class on unverpixeltem way that benefits all parties involved. "In Germany, the data management platform Weborama is far less active. The core markets of France are far France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands and the UK.

The technology company was founded in 2007 and is MediaMath brands such as American Express, General Mills and Prudential to its customers. Date alone, the shopping platform MediaMath supports advertising agencies like to trade in the major media channels. MediaMath was known in Germany through cooperation with PubliGroupe. Together, the two companies operate in Berlin, real time bidding platform Shopping "Spree7"