Nielsen's New 'TV Viewing' Segments Are Supported by MediaMath

By: Zach Rodgers  Published: August 8, 2012

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Yesterday we covered a new segmentation capability from Nielsen that let digital ad buyers reach web users based on their boob tube viewing patterns. (Read it)

One thing we didn’t mention was MediaMath’s involvement in the new offering. In a story published today, Multichannel News notes Nielsen will use the demand-side platform to overlap view activity from its national TV panel with its online panel. “Those are extrapolated to the U.S. online population in general, to let [advertisers] enhance audience segmentation for online advertising campaigns,” wrote reporter  Todd Spangler.

A Nielsen spokesperson shares this additional comment with us:

“We work with MediaMath to extrapolate insights via “lookalike” modeling from the TV-Internet fusion process – which overlays TV viewing behavior to the entire 210,000-person Online Panel – to the U.S. population in general, achieving an audience that can be used for large online advertising campaigns while protecting the identities of panelists.”

The new TV/online segments also tie in nicely to Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings product and its CPG purchase data segments. Basically, it’s all about bringing a more television-like buying experience to digital ads.

As Jonathan Carson, Nielsen’s CEO Digital, puts it, “We’re bringing this data out in a way that’s totally integrated with the way the TV economy currently works.”