Christian Aid launches marketing campaign with Agenda21

Published: May 16, 2012

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Christian Aid has launched a marketing campaign to encourage donations and support Christian Aid Week.

Agenda21 was in charge of planning and buying for the campaign, with TV and outdoor advertising planned and booked by JAA.

Running until the end of May, the campaign features a call to action to donate money to ‘help people in poverty out of poverty.’

Pete Robins, managing partner at Agenda21, said: “This campaign uses a variety of targeting techniques, including real-time bidding and retargeting, to ensure we are reaching people more likely to be interested in fighting the root causes of poverty or getting involved with fundraising and community activities. We analysed the data to really understand the profile of this target audience and worked closely with media owners and JAA to ensure we optimise the budget.”

The digital campaign combines data and media from Quantcast and Tribal Fusion, with real time advertising bought through MediaMath to reach charity givers, and a TV ad has been created by Beattie McGuinness Bungay.

Zoe van der Linden, Christian Aid’s digital acquisition officer, said: “Christian Aid Week is a critical week for us. This digital and broadcast campaign will inspire people to get involved, whether that is by donating, fundraising, or joining in local activities. Agenda21 is using sophisticated targeting techniques which will make our budget stretch to reach as many people as possible, and will be amplified when combined with our TV and outdoor presence managed by JAA.”