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New developments in the dynamic commercial media, the ad trading with real-time bidding. The Swiss PubliGroupe and the demand-side platform (DSP) MediaMath establish a common DSP for the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The joint venture named "Spree7" will have its headquarters in Berlin. 

For Spree7 the Swiss are expected to provide the manager. For the PubliGroupe holds 80% stake in the newly formed company, the U.S. American real time bidding pioneer MediaMath however 20 percent. MediaMath is a DSP, which is known for its good front-end "Terminal One". Using a sophisticated algorithm Media agencies can (RTB) to participate so on automated media buying, the real-time bidding. With RTB for media buyers negotiate a fixed price for a placement with individual website operators, marketers, ad networks or redundant. Prerequisite is that the publishers have released the inventory for a real-time bidding process on a (Supply Side Platform) SSP. Here the German-speaking market is still in its infancy. But worldwide MediaMath already processed 10 billion ad impressions per month.

Erich Wasserman, General Manager EMEA at MediaMath establishing the joint venture with PubliGroupe: "advertisers want to optimize their marketing constantly. Thanks PubliGroupe and the joint venture company Spree7 customers can benefit from technology in the DACH area now, which was created to achieve better business results. Our product is still a large number of existing – Support media formats and digital distribution channels such as video, mobile, social, and others – and evolving. By unifying the metric our DSP platform optimized each distribution channel and enables strategies that are fast marketable. "

Listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange PubliGroupe (PUBN) is a media and marketing company that is among others involved in zanox and eprofessional. The Swiss see themselves as performance-oriented full-service provider that wants to make more efficient with data processing tools and information technologies marketing processes for their customers. Renato Martignoni, COO of Digital & Marketing Services at PubliGroupe: "MediaMath, the world's leading DSP technology develops and we are proud to act as the preferred partner of MediaMath in the DACH region. With our distribution network in these markets and a dedicated team of digital specialists in Berlin, we help marketers to make efficient and effective decisions in marketing and thus realize the mission of PubliGroupe to optimize the marketing spend of our customers. "