PubliGroupe and MediaMath join forces

By: David Hing  Published: March 30, 2012

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PubliGroupe and demand-side platform (DSP) provider MediaMath have teamed up to form Spree7, a company that will serve German, Swiss and Austrian markets.

Spree7 will offer media buying services to advertisers and agencies using MediaMath’s real-time bidding (RTB) technology. PubliGroupe owns 80% of the new entity with MediaMath owning the remaining 20% and it will launch its operations by mid-April.

“Advertisers are constantly seeking to optimise their marketing,” says MediaMath EMEA general manager Erich Wasserman. “Our product will continue to support multiple and emerging media formats, and digital channels such as video, mobile and social. Whatever the channel, our DSP will optimise it while unifying metrics and enabling quick-to-market strategies.”

New York-headquartered MediaMath was declared the winner of the first Forrester Research DSP Wave report in Q4 2011 with its TerminalOne DSP platform. The platform gives ad agencies and brands the technology and back office services needed to trade across multiple digital advertising channels.