Industry Innovator Gives Marketers RTB Controls Over Private Inventory

NEW YORK – February 10, 2011 – – MediaMath, the first and only enterprise-class DSP, has introduced another powerful enhancement to its TerminalOne® platform – one that lets marketers access private pools of inventory with all the benefits of the industry’s most robust digital media buying solution.

The solution, called Private MarketPlaces, lets MediaMath’s clients take advantage of the full suite of TerminalOne’s capabilities across every inventory source. MediaMath’s customers buy much of their media directly through publishers but increasingly want to use demand-side platform tools to provide an integrated workflow, global optimization and consistent detailed understanding of audiences. Private MarketPlaces enables clients to leverage algorithmic optimization and valuation on all premium online placements, lending deep insights to both brand and performance advertisers.

“MediaMath’s Private MarketPlaces provides all the necessary tools to give marketers the benefits of a demand-side platform across multiple supply sources with differing business and technical infrastructures,” said Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath’s CEO.  “Our goal is to bring more efficiency, and effectiveness, into the marketing process. That means better measurement of results and better performance with MediaMath and TerminalOne than business-as-usual. Simple.”

With dozens of live programs and millions of dollars in campaign spend, Private MarketPlaces was executed with premium publishers, exchanges and SSPs. It boasts the most robust global reach and frequency management and optimization capabilities. Marketers gain access to premium supply at scale with full control over campaign goal optimization and complete transparency and brand safety.

The result: “Private MarketPlaces creates substantial cost and time efficiencies by enabling us to manage every aspect of a buy across multiple inventory sources through one robust turnkey platform,” said Neeraj Kochhar, president of Varick Media Management.  “It gives us full control over campaign goals and lets us understand the true value of an impression more granularly so we can allocate media effectively and drive improved ROI for our clients.”

Concluded Zawadzki, “This technology puts MediaMath one step closer to providing a one-stop-shop for media traders.”


Headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington, DC in the US, and in both Canada and the UK serving EMEA, MediaMath was founded in 2007 by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs, marketers, technologists and quants. The company’s industry-leading TerminalOne® platform is the first and only enterprise-class DSP – providing an unmatched combination of supply, data, analytics, workflow automation and optimization to return focus to marketing strategy rather than media execution.  MediaMath drives breakthrough results for dozens of agencies representing the world’s leading brands – including units within all 7 global agency holding companies – on thousands of worldwide campaigns. For more information visit