Planning and Reporting Solution Promises Unmatched Actionable Audience Insights

NEW YORK, NY– March 2, 2010 ― As part of its ongoing commitment to providing interactive marketers the most powerful and efficient online advertising solution, DSP industry leader MediaMath ( today bolstered its TerminalOne™ platform with the release of MathClarity™. MathClarity, which reflects more than three years of cumulative knowledge gleaned from more than a thousand campaigns, is an analytics and data visualization solution that delivers unprecedented insights into audience-specific performance within client Web sites and campaigns, and an unparalleled ability to leverage those insights to maximize ROI.

“MathClarity lends a new degree of transparency into our media that we never had before,” said Angelina Eng, vice president and director of media & media ops at Publicis Modem. “It affords us a view into our campaigns better than any we’ve previously had from other media partners and gives us the comprehensive data we need to help make quicker decisions to maximize profits for our clients.”

At MathClarity’s core is a dynamic and fully customizable interface through which marketers can actively monitor campaign and site dynamics. By integrating varying degrees of demographic, behavioral, geographic and IP-level insights at both the site and campaign level, MathClarity can see beyond simple aggregate metrics like CPA, CPM, click-through and response rates, and provide insights to better understand and target the users behind the metrics.

The platform then makes these site and media insights actionable by linking them with actual media data sourced from the 13 billion impressions MediaMath accesses every day. This allows marketers to in real time understand the potential upside in specific segments and with a few simple keystrokes make targeted buys to drive immediate improvements to campaign and business results.

“MathClarity lets marketers get a more accurate sense of what’s happening on their media campaigns and Web sites, why it’s happening, and which audience segments are delivering the most value to their business,” noted Anthony Katsur, MediaMath’s general manager of platform. “And our partnerships with the top third-party data providers, coupled with the largest source of inventory in the industry, lets us accurately capture the right audience for our agency clients.”

Omar Tawakol, CEO of BlueKai, one such data provider, concurs. “MathClarity exceeds expectations on how data can be made actionable through insight. Our goal has been to embed our exchange into platforms like TerminalOne in order to enable a new class of data applications. By integrating our more than 10,000 audience segments – demographic, behavioral, intentional and others – MediaMath’s platform has some of the richest data and deepest analysis in the marketplace.”

MathClarity’s 100 terabyte data infrastructure and single-click purchase capability is already being used to generate insights and custom reports for MediaMath clients – including dozens of agencies within all seven of the top agency holding companies.

A demo outlining MathClarity and its benefits is available at


MediaMath’s TerminalOne™ automated buying platform, provides advertising agencies with access to tens of billions of impressions daily, and a simple workflow that manages the powerful analytics and rich data necessary to make best use of them. Headquartered in New York, the company was founded in 2007 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, marketers, technologists, and quants. Investors in the company include Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE), QED Investors, and European Founders Fund. For more information on MediaMath, visit