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98.4% of teams that rock together and pop and lock togther are more successful at their jobs....and the dancefloor*

This Bluetooth speaker has 50 hours of playing time and recharge time, so it should be the perfect companion for everything from holiday travel, working around the house, or grooving in the shower. Your Evrybox power bank and Bluetooth speaker should come charged and ready to pair with your phone, computer, or other Bluetooth enabled device. A brief outline of several easy instructions are outlined below, and more detailed instructions are included in the packaging.

From the MediaMath family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday season!


To link to the device using Bluetooth on your smartphone:

  • Turn the Evrybox on by pressing down on the tab button on the front of the speaker
  • Open “settings” on your device.
  • Under “other devices,” select “OrigAudio.” The speaker will make a beeping sound when you successfully pair.
  • To disconnect the speaker, tap the button on the front of the device for less than 3 seconds.

To turn the Evrybox off:

  • To turn the speaker off, hold down for more than 3 seconds. You will hear one long beep (keep holding!), and then a 4 descending tonal beeps as the device powers down.

To use the Evrybox as a power bank for your phone:

  • Turn it on by holding down the button on the front.
  • Using the standard cable for your phone (not included), plug it into the USB outlet on the speaker.
  • To conserve energy, the Evrybox will disconnect Bluetooth connection whenever you use it as a charger.

To charge the Evrybox

  • Using the USB to micro-USB cable in the kit, connect the micro-USB port in the speaker to a computer USB drive or USB charger (like the base of your standard iPhone charger).
  • The 4 LED lights below the micro-USB port will display battery life.

To play music on the Evrybox without a Bluetooth connection

  • Use the micro-USB to Auxiliary cable in the kit.
  • Connect the micro-USB to the Speaker to the auxiliary port of your music playing device.

To take a phone call on speaker phone from the Evrybox.

  • When speaker is connected to your phone, you can take a call on speaker phone by pressing the button on the speaker face 1 time to answer, and 1 time to hang up.

*this statistic was created by Cristina Girgis and not yet been confirmed by MediaMath or any research group.