The Shift to Secure Creative: Compliance & Prep

MediaMath, together with its OPEN partners, is leading the charge in defining standards within our industry and the surrounding ecosystem. Currently, a number of industry leaders are accelerating their efforts to create a more secure and protected online environment for consumers.

One such effort is rooted in shifting the industry standard for campaign creative; moving towards secure-enabled, or SSL protocols. This shift will require immediate attention from our advertisers as many premium sources of inventory are moving towards secure-only inventory.  In order to continue to scale, advertisers must be compliant with these new creative protocols.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.” SSL protocols are used to ensure safe transmission of data between two parties online.  If a URL begins with “https,” it uses an SSL connection and is “secure,” as opposed to “non-secure,” which uses “http.”

Why the industry shift?

As the digital revolution continues to surge, so has the sophistication of bot users and malignant traffic.  Publishers have recognized a need for change to ensure the quality of their inventory, protect their users, and maintain consumer confidence.  This high priority issue, however, requires collaboration from all monetizing partners.

Why is it important to advertisers?

In an effort to protect consumers, a rapidly growing number of premium web publishers are moving towards secure-only environments on their sites. To continue serving on these properties, advertisers must ensure that their creative assets are compliant or will otherwise be rejected.

It is important to note that for pages to be deemed “secure,” (https:), ALL elements loading on the page must be secure including ads and all associated content such as tracking pixels.  Any non-secure content will result in getting rejected from secure publishers.

As a MediaMath buyer, how can I be compliant?

  • Use only secure (https:) T1 creatives.
    • Secure creatives can access both secure and non-secure inventory. Non-secure creatives will only access non-secure inventory.
  • Ensure that all vendors utilized in the creative support SSL and use https URLs when serving an impression. This includes both the ad tags trafficked directly in T1 and any embedded “4th party” calls that may be trafficked within your 3rd party ad server.
    • Contact your vendors (ad server, brand study, attribution, etc.) to understand if they support SSL and how to generate secure tags.
  • Ensure that creatives are properly declared as secure in T1.

Please note that all secure creatives are compliant with non-secure inventory, but the vice versa is not true.

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