The Spring months are jam-packed with holidays and special occasions that involve giving gifts. From Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to Graduation and Prom, we’ve pulled together best practices for running campaigns during this time, as well as some data deals you can activate to reach audiences who are likely to be participating in these celebrations.

Facts and Figures

Easter Eagerness

The National Retail Federation’s “Easter Spending Survey” for 2015, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, estimated total spending for Easter last year at $16.4 billion.

Mother’s Day Matters

Mother’s Day is the third biggest retail holiday of the year. Last year, the average US consumer spent $173 on presents for mom, for a combined total of $21.2 billion on Mother’s Day gifting. In terms of channels, 33.4% bought gifts in a department store, 28.2% in a specialty store and 25% online. Nearly 1 in 3 purchases will be made on mobile.

Father’s Day Figures

Mobile purchases for Father’s Day increased 94% in 2015. The number of online Father's Day purchases has doubled since 2006, and almost 30% of shoppers plan to purchase gifts online this year.

Graduation Gifting

Graduation gift spending has averaged about $4.3 billion for the past 8 years. Older Americans, particularly those 65 and older, plan to spend an average of $110 on gifts for new graduates, which should definitely inform targeting strategies.

Campaign Optimization Tips

  • Target demographics and life events (new parents/grandparents, expecting mothers). FBM provides a wide variety of predefined segments derived from self-declared characteristics including age, gender, interests, etc. Utilize these segments to target Facebook users who are likely to purchase Easter, Mother's Day, Father’s Day, graduation and other gifts.
  • Include holiday- or event-specific ads, CTAs, DCO and messaging (such as "gifts for grads"). The most effective ads often include a call to action. We also have access to dynamic creative, which is ideal for targeting spring gift-giving browsers. Additionally, creating unique and relevant messaging will provide a better user experience.
  • Leverage offline data to target return customers/holiday shoppers. The same users who shopped last year are more likely to purchase again this year. Tap into your CRM data, and don't miss out on these valuable audiences.
  • Utilize mobile-specific targeting (including creatives). It's more important than ever to develop mobile-specific initiatives as well as run desktop display, as more and more users will follow a multi-touch pathway to converting. It is projected that one in three Mother's Day purchases will be made via mobile devices this year. More than 40 percent of shoppers plan to use their tablet to find the right gift. Additionally, millennials spend more than the average on Father's Day purchases, and are more likely to use mobile devices, including both smartphones and tablets.
  • Maximize your reach by targeting valuable users across devices and browsers via remarketing, lookalike modeling for prospecting and identity management. Our ConnectedID solution creates a unique ID for individual users so you can find your target audience regardless of how they are getting online.

Discounted Standard Segments

MediaMath has aggregated a number of exclusive discounts for Spring. Our data partners are offering up 10-50% off of CPM prices for select segments, only for MediaMath customers.

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Discounted Standard Segments

Exclusive TerminalOne Segments

MediaMath has partnered with Oracle Data Cloud and Acxiom on exclusive discounts for spring, which are only available for TerminalOne customers.

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Exclusive TerminalOne Segments


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