MediaMath Retail: A Unique combination of Data, Channels and Expertise that Drive Measurable Outcomes

Say goodbye to wasted media budgets, questionable results and obscure black box marketing programs. MediaMath Retail is a complete digital marketing solution that enables you to leverage your data, earn a measurable ROI on your investment and create new revenue streams. Our ProgrammaticFirst™ approach, focus on outcomes rather than audiences, combined with our Retail expertise will transform the effectiveness of your campaigns across the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Activate Your Data
    Put your online and offline data to work across the full customer lifecycle by leveraging 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data – even offline transactional data.
  • Cross Channel and Cross Device
    Manage and optimize cross-channel campaigns from within a single platform to maximize the ROI of your budgets. Create seamless omni-channel experiences by engaging customers across multiple channels and devices.
  • Full Transparency
    Make smarter decisions with full transparency into your programmatic media buys. Tap into the MediaMath Brain to optimize your campaigns, bids, channels and creative to achieve your desired outcomes at the best possible cost.
  • Create Engaging Experiences
    Engage and delight your customers with personalized message using dynamic creative that ensure you’re delivering relevant experiences to every customer every time.
  • Measure Results
    Close the loop on your campaigns by tying performance to online and offline conversions. Optimize campaigns based on your desired outcomes, rather than soft proxies such as CPM or audience reach.
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