MediaMath & Time Inc. Exclusive Offering

Programmatic Print is a new product offering from Time Inc. that is exclusive to MediaMath’s clients inside the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™. The full product is expected to be available to all MediaMath clients in April 2015. This announcement represents another exciting way in which TerminalOne links the worlds of online and offline marketing.


  • What is Programmatic Print?
    Programmatic Print is an audience buying offering made available by Time Inc. to reach segments across its diverse magazine subscriber base. It has an offline and an online component, both available through TerminalOne.The offline component allows advertisers or their agencies to buy specific audience categories based on total offline reach across Time Inc.’s magazines (rather than based on specific titles). These audiences are sold on a CPM basis, which has never been done in print before. Buyers can execute these buys through MediaMath’s TerminalOne platform via the Deal Discovery App.
  • What audiences can buyers buy via TerminalOne?
    Through TerminalOne’s Deal Discovery App, MediaMath clients will be able to buy Time Inc. Print Audiences in the categories of: Luxury, Men, Lifestyle, Business/Finance and Rapid Scale. These audiences range in size between 5 million and 89 million unique users.
  • What is so unique about Programmatic Print?
    Not only is this the first time that print audiences have ever been offered through a digital media buying platform, but it is also the first time that these audiences have ever been sold on a CPM basis, irrespective of individual print titles. With Programmatic Print, the buyer buys the audience size and target that matches with their budget and goals, and Time Inc. will distribute their ads across magazine titles to meet the targeting and reach of the buy. In addition, print metrics are available to buyers from MRI, the leading producer of media and consumer research in the USA.
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