What Is Programmatic Marketing and Why Should Marketers Care with Elise James-Decruise – Ep. 1

What Is Programmatic Marketing and Why Should Marketers Care with Elise James-Decruise – Ep. 1
Posted on March 7th, 2017

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Here’s the Recap:

What Is Programmatic Marketing? Elise James-DeCruise is the Founder of New Marketing Institute, and has lead the charge in building a team of training professionals who are committed to educating emerging and professional marketers. Elise dives in and discusses the definition of programmatic marketing, and why it’s important for marketers young and old. She also discusses why the courses in NMI regularly have new information and content updates to help students grow.

What We Covered:

  • [1:10] – Who is Elise?
  • [2:55] – Sports has become a foundation for Elise’s professional career.
  • [4:00] – What is the definition of programmatic marketing?
  • [5:10] – Elise has had to explain the term to several of her non-techie/marketing friends and family members.
  • [7:15] – Elise and her team gradually update their courses, because literally the industry moves so fast that students can get overwhelmed.
  • [8:40] – Elise does have learning personas/avatars for her audience, to help engage them more effectively.
  • [9:55] – It takes time for students to fully understand the content and apply it to their everyday jobs.
  • [14:00] – Student feedback is incredibly important, and welcomed with open arms.
  • [17:15] – Why is programmatic marketing important for marketers?
  • [19:55] – With Elise’s extensive experience, has she noticed a big shift in the types of skillsets people need for the industry?
  • [25:15] – How do Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. tie into all of this?
  • [28:00] – How can people improve their career as programmatic marketing continues to evolve?
  • [29:30] – Consume as much info as you can, and don’t forget to network!


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