The State of Programmatic in Southeast Asia with Anna Chan – Ep. 6

The State of Programmatic in Southeast Asia with Anna Chan – Ep. 6
Posted on June 29th, 2017

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Here’s the Recap

Anna is the Regional Managing Director of Amnet Asia where she is responsible for setting up Amnet operations in Asia. With over 20 years of advertising and digital experience in Asia Pacific and has held leadership positions in various organizations such as Yahoo. She speaks regularly at marketing conferences and is frequently quoted in press and industry journals.

What We Covered

  • [02:12] – How she got started in the digital industry
  • [03:50] – The first time she heard the term, “programmatic”
  • [04:48] – Differentiating the state of programmatic for Southeast Asia versus other markets in APAC and other regions
  • [06:58] – Why programmatic adoption in Southeast Asia has had a slow start
  • [10:35] – Is there enough educational resources in the region for people who want to learn more about programmatic?
  • [12:04] – Are Advertisers in Southeast Asia Performance or Branding Advertisers?
  • [14:05] – Which approach companies are taking – goal based vs branding and awareness
  • [15:56] – The concerns clients have when investing in programmatic
  • [16:24] – Transparency in the programmatic industry
  • [20:09] – Education/Talent and how it relates to programmatic
  • [25:12] – What her ideal conversation with clients is
  • [32:00] – The future of programmatic in Southeast Asia


I think digital talent is always a big challenge in Southeast Asia. Click To Tweet I think this is a time where we all have to come together and help educate our clients. Click To Tweet Marketing is all about driving business results by using insights and data. Click To Tweet All digital advertising is going to be automated. Click To Tweet If we look at programmatic it’s more about combining data and technology and how can we help our advertisers to reach the consumer more effectively. Click To Tweet

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