The State of Programmatic Marketing with Joanna O’Connell – Ep. 2

The State of Programmatic Marketing with Joanna O’Connell – Ep. 2
Posted on March 8th, 2017

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Here’s the Recap:

In this explorative conversation we dig a bit deeper into the current state of Programmatic Marketing with the Chief Marketing Officer of MediaMath. Joanna O’Connell’s in-depth experience has given her a unique perspective into the current state of programmatic, and what the impact of technology has had and will have on the industry. Joanna’s valuable insights help paint a more complete picture.

What We Covered:

  • [1:50] – Joanna’s memories of Vassar college
  • [3:00] – How is Joanna currently defining programmatic marketing?
  • [4:45] – What problems does programmatic solve for?
  • [7:32] – How do we make ads less ‘creepy?
  • [10:10] – The magic of data science and technology
  • [11:00] – The influence of science fiction movies in advertising
  • [13:15] – Joanna is an avid horse rider!
  • [15:10] – What stage of programmatic marketing are we in?
  • [17:00] – The importance of using technology to scale.
  • [21:20] – What is the role of an agency partner?
  • [23:35] – The benefits, if any, of bringing programmatic in-house
  • [28:00] – The rise of consultancies
  • [30:12] – What are the challenges when contemplating bringing tech in-house
  • [34:00] – The effect of mobile and video
  • [39:10] – Defining header bidding and it’s impact
  • [41:50] – Trends in reporting and analytics
  • [48:00] – Closing thoughts on where the industry is headed!


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