Programmatic and Science: A Leap Forward with Joe Zawadzki – Ep. 5

Programmatic and Science: A Leap Forward with Joe Zawadzki – Ep. 5
Posted on May 24th, 2017

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Here’s the Recap

Joe Zawadzki is the CEO of MediaMath, and is a respected pioneer in the online marketing industry. With his deep experience in audience targeting and optimization, ad networks and exchanges, and real-time bidding, Joe is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences, roundtables, and major events. On today’s conversation, Joe discusses where programmatic marketing is headed, how AI will affect the industry, and the rise in popularity of header bidding.

What We Covered

  • [02:25] – Joe has a very diverse history and career. What projects did he like working on the most?
  • [09:25] – Does Joe see similarities between programmatic and quantitative analytics?
  • [14:15] – What does Joe do with all his ideas? How does he keep organized?
  • [16:05] – What was the inspiration behind MediaMath’s TerminalOne platform?
  • [22:55] – More and more leaders are adapting to omni-channel marketing, why is that?
  • [28:10] – TV is a completely different beast and has historically been more challenging to innovate.
  • [32:35] – How does Joe handle the possibility of AI into the work he’s doing?
  • [36:55] – Despite its challenges, header bidding has grown in popularity with publishers. Why is it popular and will it continue to grow?
  • [41:00] – Joe is uncertain whether header will last the tests of time, and isn’t 100% sure whether it can keep up with a very demanding market..


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