The Mobile Landscape with Michael Weaver – Ep.3

The Mobile Landscape with Michael Weaver – Ep.3
Posted on March 31st, 2017

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Here’s the Recap:

In this episode we shift the conversation to state of programmatic in the mobile space with Michael Weaver, VP of Channel Solutions at MediaMath. Michael’s two decades of experience in digital marketing give him a unique perspective on all the ways the industry has continued to innovate. We explore the challenge inherent in an environment where technology, devices and delivery platforms are ever evolving.

What We Covered:

  • [02:05] – What is behind the growth of mobile programmatic ads?
  • [06:40] – How are new features and functionality being used for the benefit of consumers?
  • [10:10] – Why conversations with manufacturers seem to be happening earlier in the cycle.
  • [12:12] – How can marketers leverage this ever-evolving landscape?
  • [15:05] – More video is being consumed on a mobile device.
  • [16:50] – The importance of an experience tailored to the device.
  • [18:35] – The 3 ways Michael defines “location”
  • [21:20] – How to measure if an ad was able to affect footfall and point of sale.
  • [25:00] – Introducing liability and risk
  • [27:20] – How programmatic solves problems from an outcomes-based perspective.
  • [28:00] – Is mobile a format, or a channel, or a device?
  • [30:00] – What types of companies are doing this effectively?
  • [34:15] – Michael’s thoughts on the direction of mobile and programmatic.


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