MediaMath MEP NYC Cohort – September 2017

MEP NYC Cohort – September 2017



Delaney Broberg


University of Minnesota (2017)

B.A. Business

Majors: International Business & Marketing

Why MEP?

“I joined MEP to get into the digital marketing/analytics space, get to know a diverse group of people, and be challenged by those around me!”


Vlad Bukovsky


Rutgers University (2007)

B.A. Philosophy

B.A. Economics

Why MEP?

“I joined MEP to learn how to be the best in running advertising campaigns from some of the best and smartest people in the business.”


Linh Chu


Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business (2017)

B.B.A. Marketing Management

Minor: Computer Information Systems & Communication Studies

Why MEP?

“I joined MEP to gain a FULL understanding of the industry (and the different moving pieces) and to meet individuals with similar professional interests.”


Naomi Huang


National University of Singapore

B.B.A. Business Administration

Why MEP?

“I joined MediaMath because I’m excited to work with huge amounts of data that power conversations between advertisers and customers. The MEP is an amazing introduction to this complicated industry, and I love that we’re a tight-knit community.”


Amanda Lee


Ithaca College (2016)

B.S. Business Administration

Minors: Humanities and Sciences Honors Program

Why MEP?

“I joined MEP to help in transitioning between industries and break into the marketing world with fresh experiences.”


Anthony Perna


Pomona College

B.A. Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

Why MEP?

“Coming from an academic background that didn’t have marketing opportunities, and entering a workforce that demands a certain level of knowledge and experience beyond marketing basics, I wanted to invest in myself. MEP offers that opportunity to learn more about the intersection of marketing and tech, and develop a greater sense of how I can apply programmatic principles through my career.”


Kiara Pierre


Sienna College (2017)

B.S. Marketing

Minor: Psychology

Why MEP?

“I joined MEP because there’s limited information and resources available in university settings to teach people about the ad tech industry therefore I believe MEP is a great learning opportunity for someone who wants to learn about this dynamic industry.”


Nika Sokolova


NYU, Leonard N. Stern School of Business (2004)

B.S. Marketing & International Business

Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business (2017)

MBA, Marketing

Why MEP?

“I joined MEP to build a network and grow a successful career in digital marketing.”


Jordan Sucher


Carnegie Mellon University (2016)

B.S. Decision Science

B.F.A. Dramaturgy

Why MEP?

“I joined MEP to put myself in a position where I could learn as much about digital marketing as possible, to indisputably add it to my skillset for future endeavors. Also, I feel that I am constantly surrounded by advertisements in many forms, and I joined MEP so I could better understand the underlying system(s) behind the marketing I am exposed to on a daily basis.”


Jun Kai Tan


National University of Singapore (NUS)

Applied Science – Applied Mathematics

Why MEP?

“As a career changer, the thought of entering an industry that I didn’t have background in is indeed daunting. MEP allowed me to better prepare myself by not only giving me an overview of the entire digital marketing landscape but also sufficient technical specific skills that helped in settling in my new role. In addition, by visiting and working in the New York headquarter for a year, I can better understand the culture and the roadmap of the company so as to better apply what I learn back to the APAC region!”


Jonah Weinstein


Ithaca College (2017)

B.S. Business Administration

Concentration: Marketing

Why MEP?

“MEP provides me the best opportunity to work in the programmatic advertising industry, grow/develop personally and professionally, and connect/collaborate with and learn from individuals I believe to be exceptional.”