MediaMath Marketing Engineer Program

Marketing Engineer Program

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Our Program

No industry combines cutting-edge advances in AI, machine learning and data processing with a creative, person-focused approach quite like programmatic marketing. But, obtaining the necessary skills to enter the field is difficult. So, the New Marketing Institute set out to educate the next generation of marketing experts and industry leaders. This culminated in MediaMath’s award-winning Marketing Engineer Program, now in its fourth year of launching the careers of the best and brightest in the industry.

In the program, you will gain a holistic understanding of the programmatic marketing landscape, delve into the most current issues in the industry, and perform hands-on training in the programmatic marketing campaign lifecycle. To date, all of our program graduates have received full-time job offers across a variety of teams and companies within digital marketing.

Program Components

Personal Development

Personal Development

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses, as well as how you work with others through coaching & MBTI.

Professional & Leadership Development

Professional & Leadership Development

Learn how to manage change, deal with difficult conversations & lead high performing teams.

Technical Training

Technical Training

Build expertise in how to plan, execute and optimize digital marketing campaigns.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Develop a deep understanding of the industry through group discussions, shadowing, case studies and team projects.

Partner Visits

Partner Visits

Learn from our expansive network of data, technology, supply & media partners.

Professional & Leadership Development

Industry Insights

Learn about new trends and technologies, as well as key industry players and how they work together.



Meet industry experts and leaders from across the digital marketing field.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Leverage our network, alumni and program staff to find the right career after graduation.

Hear from our recent graduates

Meet the NYC Program Manager

Program Locations


Sep 3rd – Nov 22nd 2019

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What can MEP do for you?

  • Learn from experts and leaders across the digital marketing industry
  • Develop a deep understanding of digital marketing, including key players, emerging technologies and industry trends
  • Understand how to effectively plan, execute and optimize digital marketing campaigns
  • Extensive personal & professional development through trainings, coaching & mentorship
  • Learn about new careers and explore job opportunities within the digital marketing industry
  • Develop your network through industry trainings and events
  • Access to New Marketing Institute’s award-winning training courses and certifications
  • Become a member of our growing MEP alumni network!

“MEP allows you the freedom to challenge yourself, the freedom to ask any question you want, the freedom to test new ideas in an open environment, all of which leads to a strong development and sense of confidence in your new set of skills.”

Sajeda Noor
MEP 2016, NYC

Who We’re Looking For

We look for collaborative, innovative, and results-driven people who have an insatiable appetite for learning!
To make the most of your experience, you’ll need a particular set of experience and qualities:


MEP, Analytical


MEP, Tech Savvy

Tech Savvy

MEP, Communicates & Collaborates Effectively

Communicates & Collaborates Effectively

MEP, Flexible & Action Oriented

Flexible & Action Oriented

MEP, Ambitious & Self-Motivated

Ambitious & Self-Motivated

MEP, Demonstrates Self-Awareness

Demonstrates Self-Awareness

Application Process


MEP, Online Application

Online Application

Apply online with your resume and a cover letter.

MEP, Online Assessment

Online Assessment

Designed to quickly assess your analytical and problem solving abilities.

MEP, Video Interview

Video Interview

Our first chance to get to know more about you and find out why you chose us.

MEP, Interview Panel

Interview Panel

An opportunity to meet team member across MediaMath and learn what it’s like to be a Marketing Engineer.

Post Program Opportunities

Utilize your skills and our network to jumpstart your career. To date, all of our program graduates have received full-time job offers across a variety of teams and locations within digital marketing, including:

  • Account Management
  • Ad Operations
  • Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Partner Management
  • Performance Intelligence
  • Product Management
  • Programmatic Strategy & Optimization
  • Supply Management

Technical Training

“There are so many employers in the industry who are looking for people like MEPs, and the amount of offers I received was astonishing. It is a really great stepping stone into the industry.”

Kai Sabas

MEP 2015, London

MEP, Madiha Shaikh

This program allowed me to make a career change and delve into the ad tech world, which would have been extremely difficult otherwise. The amount of exposure and learnings I had access to as a MEP was incredible, and it has set me up for a great career in ad tech.

Madiha Shaikh

MEP 2016, NYC

MEP, Amanda Spinner

Part of what makes MEP so exciting is the fact that there is always something new to learn. This industry is constantly changing and coming from a background where I knew little about this space made things both challenging and at the same time rewarding when concepts started to fit together

Amanda Spinner

MEP 2015, NYC

MEP, Alyssa Pyros

MEP provided me with an incomparable opportunity to learn about all aspects of the industry. The structured trainings and shadowing helped me connect the pieces of this complicated ad tech puzzle.

Alyssa Pyros

MEP 2015, NYC