MediaMath Identity Management

Identity Management

In today’s world, there are nearly four connected devices per digital consumer. Needless to say, the customer journey isn’t as clear as it used to be. The multiplication of devices allows us to engage with our audiences in new ways, but it also introduces complexity.

Enter identity management. Identity is at the core of successful targeting, frequency management, attribution, optimization, and analytics across devices, in both cookieless and cookie-based environments. This course dives into how identity management works and why it’s important for today’s modern marketers.

What’s Covered:

  • The fragmented world of connected devices
  • The problem with cookies
  • The roles JavaScript, SDKs, mobile advertising IDs, and encryption play
  • Deterministic versus probabilistic signals
  • A look at MediaMath’s identity management solution, ConnectedID
  • Benefits of identity technology

Recommended Courses:

Intro to Digital & Programmatic 101 topics should be understood ahead of taking this class.


1 hour