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May 18, 2015, Article


Exchange Wire: Tate Modern targets international markets in programmatic first

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Tate Modern targets international markets in programmatic first
Tate Modern, one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions, this week teamed with MediaMath and Silence Media to help promote its BMW-sponsored Tate Live event to international audiences.

The joint effort, executed between MediaMath and Silence Media’s engagement marketplace Primo, means Tate will be able to stream live performances from the event

To promote this month’s BMW Tate Live event to a wider international audience, Tate Modern is running a high-impact programmatic campaign featuring dance and choreography streamed live internationally in a media first.

Total Media will execute the Tate Modern programmatic campaign using Primo, the brand new engagement marketplace from MediaMath and Silence Media. The Tate BMW Live campaign will target relevant audiences in the UK, US, Germany, and France. Primo’s high-impact formats will enable BMW Tate Live to engage untapped international audiences.

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