Ludo Empire use Native and Display to drive app install to deposit ratio


Ludo Empire, India’s leading multiplayer real money game for Android, was wanting to target relevant audiences using Open Auction Supply and MediaMath Marketplaces to drive install to deposit ratio and CPI.


Ludo Empire worked with their media agency, Neil Patel Digital to create a Native campaign using display banners and video formats.

To target their desired audiences, a range of MediaMath Marketplaces were used. Gaming, Native, India Low CPM, CTR and Viewable Marketplaces were all used to help in getting a cost-effective inventory with scalable reach.

Targeting solutions were used to ensure optimum performance across the campaign. Consistent optimization based on site and app was done by constantly updating blocklist and whitelist apps and site according to performance, as well as analysing the time of day to see what time periods had better performance and increased spends. Location was also monitored to see which regions were performing the best so that spend could be allocated accordingly, with more given to the regions that were seeing higher installs.


The campaign saw week on week improvement in CPI which dropped by 52% in 7 weeks, even after scaling spends to 4x in week 7 from week 1.

The overall install to deposit ratio for 7 weeks increased to 35%. The continuously improving install to deposit ratio helped in getting more revenue for Ludo Empire.


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Ludo Empire is a multiple-player online board game that supports the android system. All you need to play Ludo Empire is a smartphone and an internet connection to win Real Cash prize.