MediaMath Video


Incorporate the power of video in your advertising across every screen and in every video platform.

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Digital video and traditional TV are converging, further complicating an already challenging market. Marketers need to reach customers across all screens, from connected television to YouTube content on mobile devices.

MediaMath Video is a seamlessly integrated media channel, within a global omnichannel platform focused on outcomes, transparency and control.

Our platform offers world-class video reach through scale and privilege, unprecedented customer targeting through a unique combination of capabilities in a single platform and powerful measurement coupled with optimization to drive performance.  MediaMath is developing best-in-class relationships and product for Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Linear TV, as well as online video platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion as part of a unified omnichannel strategy.


Reach new channels on ConnectedTV and apps, as well as video inventory on desktop and mobile, with omnichannel optimization.

Exclusive Supply

Access premier online video platforms, as well as Video-on-Demand and ConnectedTV, for true global reach.

Target and Measure

Simple and centralized targeting and measurement based on return on ad spend.