MediaMath Targeting Partnerships

Targeting Partnerships

Push-button solutions for contextual targeting, fraud protection, brand safety, and viewability, all easily accessible within our campaign workflow.

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MediaMath is integrated with the best pre-bid targeting providers to allow you to make sure your ads are viewable,  in safe environments and targeted to the content of the page.

Viewability segments from IAS, DV and Peer39 help advertisers ensure that they avoid impressions that no one ever sees. Brand safety services allow marketers to avoid placement in dangerous environments, such as adult, gambling, hate speech, and more. Fraud services help marketers ensure that they don’t pay for bot traffic and other fraudulent supply. Finally, contextual targeting lets marketers manage placements so they appear within relevant appropriate content.


Take advantage of viewability segments from IAS, DV, and Peer39 to avoid impressions none one ever sees.

Brand Safety

Prevent placements on adult, gambling, or dangerous environments. Prevent fraud and non-human traffic.

Contextual Targeting

Manage contextually appropriate placements by selecting keywords that represent the content of the targeted pages.