MediaMath Programmatic Guaranteed

Programmatic Guaranteed

Improve the media efficiency of your direct spend while elevating your premium supply and aligning user experience across channels.

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Advertisers are still managing a vast majority of their spend through direct deals, which provide preferred access and pricing for premium inventory and control of supply hygiene. But direct deals often don’t make it easy for advertisers to align their efforts holistically, automatize workflow or provide relevant, cohesive advertising experiences across channels. It’s why advertisers have been shifting away from traditional insertion orders towards more programmatic direct-type transactions like programmatic guaranteed, which will take 45% share of programmatic spend in 2019.

Our programmatic guaranteed offering helps you activate your direct spend across multiple SSPs through an easy workflow while offering transparency and control over your data. Whether you’re looking to leverage your first-party data or more effectively execute on cross-screen campaigns, programmatic guaranteed through MediaMath aggregates all your advertising efforts in a holistic, efficient manner. 

Boost Efficiency

Save time on setup and invoicing with easy activation and reporting workflow

Elevate Premium Supply

Find your most valuable customers by layering in first-party audiences

Align User Experience

Deliver better ads across screens with frequency capping and sequential messaging