MediaMath Native


Present your marketing messages to your target customers without the obtrusiveness of standalone ads.  Native advertising blends your creative assets into the format of the surrounding context such that the customer experience is uninterrupted and they can willingly engage with your advertising messages.

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Web publishers and advertisers alike want advertising to look and feel like the content surrounding it. Native advertising allows publishers to achieve a consistent feel to their site while advertisers no longer suffer from the well-trained eyes of web readers skipping over ads.

MediaMath provides the capability to buy native ad inventory through key partnerships and upcoming technology. Add this channel to your marketing mix to get closer to a true omnichannel marketing strategy.

Natural Context

Native ads match the surrounding content, so users naturally absorb the message.


Native advertising now represents a significant portion of opportunities. Never miss a chance to reach a customer.

Adopt a Growing Format

Easily repurpose existing creative assets to begin accessing a format that continues to grow.