MediaMath Curated Market

Curated Market

Activate campaigns on premium, privileged media, curated to optimize reach and win rate for your best customers, backed by our brand safety guarantee.

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When selecting media for campaigns, context and privilege are critical — especially for advertisers who take brand safety seriously. But maintaining a network of competitive deals that translate into successful campaigns requires enormous expertise and scale, posing a challenge to even the most sophisticated marketers.

MediaMath’s Curated Market is a curated supply source created with an audience-first approach to selecting media. It sets a new standard for media performance and guaranteed brand safety, and boosts audience reach as brands and agencies tap into a premium, highly curated set of inventory, all driven by predictive audience segments. Media is selected specifically to maximize reach against an advertiser’s best customers and prospects, driving value, quality and scale. The Curated Market also removes the burden of cultivating publisher relationships, negotiating rates, and maintaining media sourcing expertise.

Direct to Publisher

MediaMath’s consolidated spend coupled with deep publisher relationships provides access to the best media.

Audience Reach

Getting first look at media opportunities provides the best chances of find your audience.

Brand Safety Guarantee

Pay only for secure, brand-safe inventory across all channels.