MediaMath Connected TV

Connected TV

MediaMath’s Connected TV product brings the power of digital advertising to TV under a single point of access.

Unlocking the Scale and Reach Potential of CTV view now

At the start of COVID-19, a dramatic increase in time spent consuming media accelerated a shift to CTV and OTT viewing as daily consumer behavior started to resemble that of the weekend with more individuals staying home. We immediately saw inventory grow in our own platform, with CTV up 20% over February and an increasing portion of mobile in-app CTV, while CPMs remained steady (and they still do).

Our product commitment to CTV will provide MediaMath and our clients a competitive edge in the CTV space with transparency, addressability, accountability and, most of all, brand performance—all at a time when there are more CTV viewersto reach than ever. Our CTV solution enables clients to run audience-centric campaigns that deliver higher reach rates and omnichannel frequency controls and attribution.


Access high-quality inventory that delivers radical transparency with minimal discrepancies and fraud.


Associate CTVs to all the people who watch them to enable true omnichannel marketing.


Track CTV performance alongside all other channel spend, includinglinear with our ecosystem partners.