MG India use CTV to achieve a VCR of 95% and 2.89 million impressions


MG India, a global automotive manufacturer, was looking for a way to reach affluent & eco-conscious consumers to promote the launch of India’s first pure electric SUV, the MG ZS EV.


Through MediaMath’s platform, MG India and their media agency Interactive Avenues partnered with Samsung Ads to create a CTV campaign to reach their target audience.

Samsung’s Ad Supported streaming service, exclusive to Samsung TVs, offer free, premium, and curated content. Ads within Samsung TV Plus are 100% viewable, non-skippable premium HD video ads that appear between content, just like ad break on linear, allowing users to watch the ad in full screen. To get scale with Samsung CTV, MG India rant this campaign on a PG deal.


The campaign delivered a VCR of 95%, 2.83 million completed views and 2.89 million impressions with possible extended reach.


Interactive Avenues is India’s leading full-service digital marketing agency that provides a range of digital services to help businesses grow online.

MG Motor offers a wide range of latest luxury SUV cars in India.