MediaMath ConnectedID


Reach and target consumers across devices to deliver meaningful advertising experiences

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Marketers can target less than 40% of desktop users via cookies. On mobile, that number drops to 25%. As consumer behavior continues to move towards cookie-less devices, marketers are further away from a single view of their customers, which leads to disruptive advertising experiences.

The solution lies in creating a clear, unified picture of the consumer. MediaMath’s proprietary identity management solution, ConnectedID, unifies pseudonymous audiences across their many devices and browsers. The result: improved reach, targeting, frequency management, and attribution.

ConnectedID on average expands reach by 20%


Extend your targeting across browsers and devices to drive higher reach and ROI with your audience.


Display relevant messaging at optimal frequency to target users with meaningful creative and minimize wasted spend.


Attribute performance accurately to ensure maximum ROI and gain valuable customer insights.