IBM uses retargets B2B Safari users thanks to MediaMath and ID5


Reaching high-value B2B users is key to IBM’s digital marketing strategy. However, with third-party cookies already restricted in browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Edge, and with Chrome set to follow suit, targeting these users online is becoming increasingly difficult. Today, 40% of global traffic is unaddressable due to restrictions on third-party cookies in Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers. IBM wanted to find a long-term solution that would enable them to continue to reach their audience, even in cookieless environments. IBM ran a proof of concept campaign alongside MediaMath, their DSP partner, leveraging the ID5 ID to retarget users who had visited the IBM website via Safari, and recorded the results.


IBM ran a proof of concept campaign in the US across desktop, Android and Apple iOS devices, leveraging the ID5 ID to recognize Safari users and DSP MediaMath to retarget them. Reaching Apple iOS users was of particular interest to IBM due to their customer profile. Research conducted by Slickdeals has shown that Apple iOS users are likely to spend more than their Android counterparts, especially on tech purchases. The campaign involved retargeting users who had visited the IBM website via Safari. Thanks to the ID5 and MediaMath server-side integration, IBM was able to create a retargeting segment which was then ingested into MediaMathfor targeting. As IBM’s website users moved across the web to visit other websites and upon consent from these users, a bid request with the ID5 ID was issued, allowing MediaMath to overlay the relevant retargeting information and display the correct creative.


Not only did the campaign prove that the ID5 and MediaMath server-side integration is able to provide immediate efficiencies and competitive advantages for companies like IBM, it also offers a scalable, high- performing and privacy-safe identity solution for advertisers in the long term.


By leveraging the ID5 and MediaMath server-side integration, IBM was able to create a retargeting segment of 1.4 MM unique users, a significant pool of addressable users for IBM’s retargeting. Thanks to the ID5 and MediaMath server-side integration, IBM was able to maximize its campaign budget as the average CPM was up to 21% lower across Apple iOS users compared to those using Android devices.


IBM is a leading global hybrid cloud and AI, and business services provider, helping clients in more than 175 countries capitalize on insights from their data, streamline business processes, reduce costs and gain the competitive edge in their industries.

MediaMath is the demand-side platform that offers the most powerful off-the-shelf and custom capabilities for brands to reach and influence customers and prospects on any screen, making it possible for the world’s leading advertisers and their agency partners to deliver personalized digital advertising across all connected touchpoints.

ID5 was created to improve online advertising for consumers, media owners and advertisers, with the ultimate goal to help publishers grow sustainable revenue. By providing a comprehensive, efficient and privacy-compliant solution to identify users, ID5 benefits the entire Open Web. By working with ID5, publishers address their audiences better, advertisers run effective and measurable campaigns, and platforms maximize the value of digital advertising across all environments.