Abeka use CTV to increase brand awareness and achieve VCR of 96.36%


Abeka, a Christian home-schooling and online education resource provider, were looking to increase their brand awareness and exposure amongst parents of children aged 4-12 years old who were interested in home-schooling or were in-market for online educational resources. They were also looking to increase completion rates, CPC and CTR’s and had a flight time of about 2 weeks.


Abeka worked with the media agency, Huddled Masses to develop a new strategy using CTV UI to increase completion rates. Creating a custom publisher list through the MediaMath platform, they were able to ensure that Abeka video ads were not shown on specific publishers as per their request.

In addition to CTV, Abeka also ran a Display Ads campaign to help achieve their CPC & CTR goals. To make sure their ads were seen by their desired target audience, Huddled Masses utilized a CRM file and a range of MediaMath’s contextual segment partners such as Peer39, LiveRamp and BlueKai to target audiences that were parents of book reading kids, parents of children 4-17, parenting teens, interest in teaching resources, online education purchase behaviour, in-market online education and interest in homeschooling.

Brand safety was also something that was very important to Abeka so Pre-Bid by Moat & MediaMath Contextual Powered by Oracle was used across their campaigns.


Although there was quite a short flight time of about 2 weeks, by using custom publisher lists, contextual audience segmenting and brand safety tools, Abeka and Huddled Masses were able to achieve quite significant results through the MediaMath platform.

The new CTV UI campaign achieved over 1.1 million impressions in August and a VCR of 96.36% on top publishers with an average frequency of 1.25%. A CTR of 0.44% was also achieved through the additional Display Ads campaign that was run.


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Abeka Book, LLC, known as A Beka Book until 2017, is an American publisher affiliated with Pensacola Christian College that produces K-12 curriculum materials that are used by Christian schools and homeschooling families around the world. It is named after Rebekah Horton, wife of college president Arlin Horton.