Ecommerce will remain strong for holiday 2016, with sales growth of 13.3%, according to eMarketer. For the first time, ecommerce will surpass 10% of retail sales during the holiday season. This growth means the ability to find and target users across channels and devices at the opportune moment will be more important than ever before.

Key Dates & Budget Considerations

Make it an Omnichannel Holiday

Tips for Optimizing Across Channels

4 Tips for the
4 Goals of Q4

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Key Dates & Budget Considerations


Holiday strategies start ramping up around 11/1. Spend the majority of holiday prospecting budgets by 10/31 to build your remarketing pool as big as possible.

Peak conversions occur on Cyber Monday (11/28) and stay relatively high until 12/21, which is typically last-ship day—plan to spend holiday budgets by this date.

Make it an Omnichannel Holiday

With consumers shopping across more channels and screens than ever, marketers need to have an omnichannel strategy for this holiday season.

The Benefits of Omnichannel Include

  • Global frequency management
  • Better storytelling with a customer-first focus
  • Ability to activate a data segment seamlessly in multiple channels

Marketers who execute campaigns in an omnichannel fashion see improved results such as


greater response rates for video + display campaigns than for campaigns executed in display only

Tips for Optimizing Across Channels


Leverage mobile video to get access to more inventory.


Target audiences by what people have done, such as a visit to the mall in the last 30 days.


Push supply deals and PMPs to get ahead of contested inventory.

4 Tips for the 4 Goals of Q4

Acquiring New Customers

Build a model using your CRM file as a seed to find other users that look like the audience profiles that exist within the file.

Activating Last Year’s Customers

Create segments based on what they purchased last year and/or what you know about them and serve personalized ads based on these attributes.

Converting Browsers into Buyers

Use dynamic creative to customize your message based on where customers are on your website and what products they’ve browsed.

Aligning In-Store & Online Tactics

Build radii surrounding brick-and-mortar stores and target individuals in real-time with ads to drive them in-store when they are near your store or a competitor’s.

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