SICO use Display to achieve CPC of $16 MXN


SICO, a high-quality condom brand, was looking to promote a new product and safe sex among its audience and improve CPC to $20 MXN. The challenge for this campaign was ensuring that it only showed to specific age groups and audiences due to its sensitive content. With MediaMath Marketplace, SICO was able to ensure that they were able to promote their brand and reach their target audience.


SICO worked with their media agency, Havas Media Group and MediaMath to create a Display campaign over mobile and computer devices. To reach SICO’s desired target audience, they went through all the audience inventories offered by MediaMath and selected those that matched the profile. 4 different strategies were created to be able to better analyze the data of each of them and deliver creatives with certain measures to maximize performance.


The campaign was a great success and achieved a delivery of 150% versus what was planned. They achieved a CPC of $16 MXN which beat their original goal of $20 MXN and improved impressions.


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