AXN used Video and CTV achieve $77.7 MXN CPM, 0.69% CTR and deliver 775k impressions


AXN, a pay television channel, was looking to promote its new series, Balthazar, released on June 14th and generate clicks to the AXN site where they had schedule information and a description of the new series. The campaign started on June 2nd to generate interest prior to the premiere and ended on July 4th.

They were looking to target audiences in Argentina, Mexico and Colombia with interests in entertainment, series, movies and technology.

The goal was to get 500 thousand impressions, 1,000 clicks, a CTR of 0.20% and CPM of $120 MXN.


AXN worked with their media agency, Havas Media Group and MediaMath to develop a Video Ad and CTV campaign. 3 campaigns were done overall – one per country – promoting the video announcement for the series along with the trailer.

To reach their desired target audience, AXN leveraged MediaMath’s partnership with Retargetly to divide their strategies by content category, for example, Drama, Comedy, etc.


The campaign exceeded all of AXN’s KPI’s. The strategy that had the highest VTR and best CTR was the CTV campaign.

The campaign achieved a CPM of $77.6 MXN, 775k impressions, a CTR of 0.69% and a VTR of 71.77%. The campaign also generated 5,324 clicks to the AXN site which is a 432% increase.

With the campaign exceeding all KPI’s, AXN was able to successfully publicize the premier of the new series and improve


Havas SA is a French multinational advertising and public relations company, headquartered in Paris, France. It operates in more than 100 countries and is one of the largest advertising and communications groups in the world. Havas consists of three main operational divisions. 

AXN is a pay television channel owned by Sony Pictures Television, which was first launched in September 1997 in Asia. Local versions have since been launched in several parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, and Latin America.