Flashtalking and MediaMath Run Live Game Day Ads About Game Day Ads!

flashtalking-logo Let’s be honest. Sometimes the ads on the day of the big game are more exciting than the game itself. And with the sophisticated and real-time technology at marketers’ fingertips, creating relevant, in-the-moment, and engaging ads is easier than ever before. MediaMath’s OPEN Partner Flashtalking, through their dynamic creative Fast Feeds feature, enables marketers the ability to dynamically and easily update the content within their ad units in an automated way. And executed through MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing OS, it can all be easily managed from a central location.

To put this feature to work, MediaMath and Flashtalking have joined forces with MediaPost’s Karl Greenberg to share real-time, creative commentary of Sunday’s ads within the ad units themselves. Yes, we’re creating ads about ads!

Feed-based ads can take many forms – and are applicable across verticals. Flashtalking provides a simple solution for a wide variety of feed ads, creative and technical support, and tailored solutions for moderated twitter and live casts. Some example include:

  • a travel brand showing latest holiday and flight deals
  • a news-driven ad featuring the top stories of the day
  • a movie release including live & moderated tweets from the premiere
  • a car manufacturer streaming a launch show live cast
  • a retailer changing the clothes featured in ad based on the weather in different locations

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