It’s marketing’s big moment.
Make it count.

In an earlier, simpler world, with fewer channels and customer touch points, it was possible to market effectively through manual systems. But today’s landscape is a marketplace of literally trillions of ad opportunities across multiple numbers of channels. It is impossible to effectively reach customers in today’s marketplace without a global, scalable technology assisting you.

This technology is the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ (T1 MOS™)

To drive the most efficiency from this technology, bringing to bear as much data as possible is critical. A brand’s 1st party data – for example, CRM data, website data, social data, and the like, combined with 3rd party data, data that is aggregated from sources outside of a brand’s own properties – will drive greater outcomes across the entire media strategy.

And when transparency into outcomes is available, scaling performance becomes an even easier proposition.

True success comes when the expertise of optimization is applied. This expertise is both technological – algorithms such as the TerminalOne Brain™- as well as strategic – the person(s) with the knowledge of how to apply the insights to drive performance that continually improves.

Some of our direct brand clients have this human expertise in-house, but many rely on their agency partners to advise them on strategy, and in some cases, pull the levers.

Agencies also bring to bear unique opportunities that brands can take advantage of within their own instance of TerminalOne. For example, trading best practices, pooled premium media buying, data co-ops, proprietary modeling and optimization approaches, and data-driven creative services, among others.

When you get down to it, effective digital marketing is similar to a three-legged stool, with the brand, agencies, and technology partners providing the support upon which the entire marketing strategy rests and relies. Each leg is essential. Removing any one of them results in a two-legged stool and two-legged stools don’t stay upright very long.

Do what can now be done with MediaMath.

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For every interaction, there is a measurable and optimized reaction.

Marketing based on goals. Not guesses.

Outcomes. Transparency. Control.

Always on. Always optimizing. Always performing.

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