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Curating the Future of Media

In this episode of Digital Dialogues, Trishla Ostwal, Tech Policy Reporter at Adweek, moderates the conversation between Scott Ensign, Chief Strategy Officer, Butler/Till and Greg Williams, President, Audigent, where they discuss how we can leverage all of a brand’s first party data to resolve customer identity through various interactions and in response to marketing initiatives. 


Learn about curated markets and its evolution over the last couple of years
How curated markets change the way brands and advertisers optimize ad performance
How curated markets support tackling the loss of the third-party cookie and keep up with privacy compliance


How do you approach rolling up identity in a global campaign?

In this episode of Digital Dialogues, Lauren Bigland, Senior Director, Global Marketing & Communications at MediaMath, moderates the conversation between Joanna Burton, Chief Strategy Office at ID5 and Richard Brandolino, Global Media Channels, IBM where they discuss the proof-of-concept campaign IBM ran alongside MediaMath, leveraging the ID5 ID to retarget users who had visited the IBM website via Safari.


How IBM targeted and re-targeted audiences using ID5’s ID
How to take advantage of the current low CPM rates of cookieless targeting
How IBM & ID5 worked together to prove that there are scalable, high performing alternatives that respect users’ privacy requests

Why are we tapping into CTV opportunities?

In the next episode of Digital Dialogues, we will be discussing CTV. Is it the future of TV Advertising? As more viewers migrate from broadcast to streaming, we need to understand the existing opportunities for media owners, connected TV platforms and media buyers. Sign up to our newsletter below to be the first to find out when this episode is released.

Additional Resources

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