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We are passionate technologists solving complex problems at unprecedented scales and speeds, transforming the marketing industry by building a world-class platform our clients love.


MediaMath Engineering’s mission is to build the leading technology platform to power the new digital marketing ecosystem. With a platform that handles billions of transactions every hour and hundreds of millions of internet users every day, every solution must be built to scale. Our breakthroughs create new marketplaces and solve long-standing problems in an industry that is constantly evolving.


The mission of MediaMath’s Product Team is to design the easiest, smartest, most intuitive platform for marketers to plan, manage, and execute their digital marketing campaigns. We develop the right tools with the right user experience to enable effective, efficient campaign management. Our product managers innovate ahead of the fast-paced Ad Tech industry while meeting and beating current product roadmap commitments. We are organized like a group of mini startups with Product Managers functioning as CEOs of their product - owning all things from vision and strategy to execution.

Platform Support

Platform Support is the front line for customers using TerminalOne. They apply technical and programming skills to decode client issues, investigate possible causes and identify solutions. In collaboration with internal engineering teams, they work with clients to answer application programming interface issues. Additionally, the team creates process documentation, perform data monitoring, reporting compilation and technical QA and troubleshooting. When clients need a rescue, this team is the expert first response.

Data Science

MediaMath’s Data Science team designs, develops, tests, and deploys real-world applications of models and data that impact billions of dollars of marketing spend. From optimizing bidding for 2 million auctions per second, to separating human from non-human web traffic on 150 billion observations a day, the Data Science Team tackles numerous cutting-edge problems. They develop scalable, high-performance solutions for massive data problems, and continuously create and iterate on new models, confronting existing “champion” approaches with new “challenger” ideas.

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Our business teams are driving the multi-decade transformation that is changing how brands and agencies buy digital media on every channel.

Platform Solutions and
Account Management

Platform Solutions is account management with a twist. You’ll work closely with the agencies, holding companies, and brands across every major vertical to help them execute day-to-day T1 campaigns as well as initiate long-term strategic initiatives to align marketing practices with programmatic. The team has a substantial impact on the clients that they work with as expert consultants, platform problem-solvers, and sometimes the “boots on the ground.”

The Platform Solutions team is full of insatiably curious personalities with a compelling interest in digital marketing.

Global Accounts Strategy

The Global Accounts Strategy team manages MediaMath’s relationships with its most strategic and innovative global clients. Team members collaborate across the client's organization and internal teams to execute new, innovative projects and activate business in different regions. Global Account team members develop a global network and see their work realized at enormous scope. They are problem solvers who can articulate MediaMath’s value proposition to clients across cultures and languages.

Product Commercialization

The Product Commercialization team bridges our product with the rest of the organization, building comprehensive go-to-market strategies for every product while cultivating the open partner ecosystem in which our extensible offerings excel. As shrewd market observers, they have an ear to the ground for competitive intelligence from other industry leaders, identifying emerging client, publisher and industry needs. They shape and hone every product’s vision, positioning each launch with a compelling marketing story.


In order for MediaMath to lead this decades-long transformation in marketing, we have to condition marketers to understand how programmatic is changing the face of our discipline. Our global marketing team is responsible for coordinating how we distill and share our message through every channel. Our team of creative mavericks are experts in demand generation, event planning, content marketing, public relations, and education. They work across the company to make sure every message hits its mark.


Our sales team offers marketers something that has been impossible to offer previously: Marketing performance that is based on actual business outcomes. Not only is our product the best in its class (winner of the 2011 Forrester Wave Report, Demand Side Platforms), it initiated the Marketing OS category, where marketers of the future can centralize their digital marketing activities. As a sales team member at MediaMath, you will approach leading brands, agencies, and holding companies with the product that has defined a new space in the ad tech industry.

Platform & Sales Engineers

Platform Engineers are freewheeling, nimble problem-solvers who combine business savvy and great customer-interaction skills with the autonomy and the technical ability to build on our platform. This team of integration experts create customized solutions that help clients integrate programmatic buying into their business model as effectively as possible by building custom integrations in our extensible API, like custom processes to activate first and third party data, or enabling more effective and granular retargeting. These bespoke solutions and integrations translate into measurable and improved results in client marketing organizations.

Programmatic Strategy &

MediaMath’s Programmatic Optimization and Strategy Team leads the vanguard of marketers using programmatic technology to reach more customers more effectively than ever before. These in-house TerminalOne experts help our clients maintain their position as the most effective marketers in the industry by generating best practices, providing research and consultative services and advising internal teams on advanced programmatic and optimization challenges.

Team members are data-driven marketing thought leaders that have an insatiable appetite for digital solutions to substantial client business problems. They are sharply analytical media-savants who are able to think as researchers, consultants and strategists.


The Analytics Team delivers on MediaMath’s mission to provide transparency and business-driven outcomes so that clients and internal teams can build and adjust campaign strategies quickly and efficiently. This team of statisticians, mathematicians, and programmers fulfills customers advanced analytics and reporting needs through custom reports, advanced statistical applications, predictive modeling and web dashboards to help clients effectively manage campaigns and optimize performance.

Operations & Strategy

MediaMath’s Global Commercial Operations & Strategy group pulls the strings behind the curtain to allow MediaMath teams across departments and geographical regions to communicate and collaborate effectively. By proactively seeking and solving problems before they arise, they keep the enterprise as nimble as a startup. These operations managers, systems administrators, and developers constantly evaluate and innovate how our company does business.

Corporate Development

MediaMath’s Corporate Development Team has a front seat in witnessing the ad tech industry’s exponential growth. They work closely with senior executives to implement MediaMath’s highest-level growth strategies and keep our eyes on the growth of our competitors and partners. As a late-stage, pre-IPO startup with more than $175 million in the last round of funding, MediaMath actively grows its business through acquisitions and relies heavily on our Corporate Development Team to plot the course ahead. Corporate Development team members typically bring backgrounds in finance and business development in the software and media industries, and are intensely interested in how businesses work from a macro and micro perspective.

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As a global team of nearly 800 people, we are always looking for the best ways to develop smoother processes and continue making MediaMath a great place to work.

People Operations and
Talent Acquisition

MediaMath is proud to be recognized as a “Best Place to Work” by Glassdoor, Crain’s NY, and many more because of the superior benefits and culture that our operations team has developed and delivered. Our HR team knows exactly what it takes to build and maintain a phenomenal company culture across the globe through talent acquisition, benefits and performance.


The legal team supports every team at MediaMath as we break new ground in our industry, from advising on new office space to supporting client contract review to making recommendations on which brand of scotch pairs best with your Vermont Aged Cabot. MediaMath has grown at an enormous rate since it was founded in 2007, so our small and nimble team has an outsized influence on the strategic direction of the company as we continue to lead in this constantly evolving industry.


MediaMath’s finance team is at the center of a propulsive company that has twice been listed on the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in the US. These seasoned accounting and finance professionals maintain MediaMath’s balance sheets while finding innovative solutions to financial processes.


Equal parts logistical ninja, facility coordinator, welcome committee, and team cheerleader, the facilities coordinators are the curators of the MediaMath experience. This team has opened 15 offices in 8 countries around the world, including our new global HQ at World Trade Center 4 in 2015, which is host to over 500 employees across two floors with a stunningly curate art collection and well-appointed features. As MediaMath increases its global footprint, our facilities team always finds ways to keep offices ahead of our evolving needs.


MediaMath’s highly sophisticated IT team keeps our globally distributed teams on the cutting edge with rapid service and innovative in-house solutions. This global team hails from every type of background and every corner of the globe, but they share an aptitude for finding and mastering the right tool for the right job. These are the developers, administrators, support techs, directors and project managers who work behind the curtain to keep our workforce on the technological cutting edge.

Office of the Executive

The Executive Support staff is the connective tissue that holds the company together, tying executives, company founders, and key players to the teams, offices, markets, and clients that allow our business to operate. Team members are organized, adaptive and able to foresee and solve problems before they arise and help to execute strategy across our global organization.

Training and Development

The ad tech world has enough acronyms, jargon, and complex technical concepts to befuddle anyone who is uninitiated in the foundational concepts of the industry. Our learning and development team are experts on breaking down these concepts and educating those who are new to our industry and those that wish to continue to develop professionally.

MediaMath founded the New Marketing Institute to lead the training and development of MediaMath’s clients, partners, employees, and students. Their mission is to educate, empower, and engage the new generation of marketing professionals.

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