Cision and MediaMath Unite Paid AND Earned Media Through New Partnership

March 7, 2018 — by Greg Williams    

For years, MediaMath has championed the convergence of paid, owned and earned media as the marketer’s holy grail of enabling cohesive communication to consumers through every marketing touchpoint.  The possibility of that convergence lies in the integration of technology and math. While the connection between paid and owned has long been underway, there has been, up until now, a missed opportunity to tie earned media into the equation—not only to drive better marketing results, but also to reach consumers across every channel.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce MediaMath’s partnership with Cision (NYSE: CISN), the world’s leading provider of earned media software for public relations and marketing communications professionals.  Our partnership with Cision is built around the belief that the best way for marketers to engage their customers is through all media channels—paid, owned and earned—in a seamless, cohesive way.  It is this full view of the consumer that is core to our partnership.  Comms professionals who distribute their PR through Cision’s software will now be able to reach those same users through paid media strategies, amplify their earned content and derive insights to both grow those targeted audiences in size and scale and bring ROI accountability to external communications.

The partnership allows marketers to:

  • Optimize digital advertising with earned media audiences: Marketers get access to earned media audience data to inform how they make buying decisions in paid media to deliver relevant, engaging conversations with consumers across all channels, driving desired customer outcomes that lead to improved ROI.
  • Gain insight into omnichannel audience analytics: By bridging earned and paid media, marketers can now connect different marketing channels with attribution systems to effectively measure how consumers are interacting with each touchpoint across a campaign.
  • Amplify earned media with paid media tactics: Communications professionals can extend their earned media efforts with paid media tactics such as amplification of a press release or earned media pickup through paid channels, earned media retargeting or guaranteed news views.

Prior to this partnership, comms professionals were not able to measure and attribute business results for their earned media efforts.  From this day forward, marketers will be empowered to solve this ROI challenge and leverage earned audiences to drive holistic profiles of customers that can be activated in an integrated, omnichannel program.

There will be much more to come in the following months as we scale and innovate further towards the vision of complete addressability to enable marketers to connect with their best customers across all touchpoints.  Stay tuned for more!

Greg Williams

Greg is part of the founding team at MediaMath. In his current role, Greg drives business development efforts of programmatic marketing practices for MediaMath's most strategic clients, partners, and distributors. Greg created the company’s first reporting and analytics platform that offered a data mining and insights suite for the world’s earliest adopters of programmatic marketing. In 2011, Greg moved to London to establish MediaMath’s global operations and in 2013 launched MediaMath’s OPEN Partnership Program, leading media, data, and technology partnerships throughout the world. Before co-founding MediaMath, Greg led advertiser media strategy at [x+1]/RocketFuel, working with global brands on website and media optimization. Prior to [x+1]/Rocketfuel, Greg worked in roles across econometric data modeling, marketing strategy, and integration of marketing platforms for Fortune 500 companies at Nielsen and Accenture. Greg holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Fordham University with concentrations in accounting and finance.