When it Rains it Pours: Engage Consumers with Weather Targeting on Social Media

October 21, 2015 — by Holly Lee    

Advertisers today have the ability to reach consumers with targeted, personalized messaging based on a number of targeting options. One such option is geo-targeting, which allows advertisers to target consumers based on location (e.g. people within 1 mile of a brick and mortar retail store). Under the “umbrella” of geo-targeting is weather targeting – which enables advertisers to engage consumers based on a combination of location and weather data.

Weather targeting on social media channels like Facebook is effective, especially because we know that Facebook users tend to use the social platform while on the go--why not serve them ads for rain boots when it’s raining, or a frozen drink in the heat of summer?

With MediaMath T1 Social, marketers can activate Facebook campaigns based on weather conditions in the cities of their choice. This feature can be used to create messaging or offers specific to certain weather conditions (advertise rain jackets for “light rain,” and crampons for “freezing rain,” for example). The workflow of this feature is designed for advertisers looking for new ways to target people on Facebook and increase the relevancy of their ads. Interested in running social media advertising campaigns though MediaMath’s TerminalOne? Click here for more information.