What MediaMath Means When It Talks About OTC

April 10, 2015 — by Rachel Meranus    

What does MediaMath mean when it talks about OTC? We’re not talking “over-the-counter.” No, we mean full strength marketing success; when we talk about OTC we mean outcomes, transparency, and control. These are the three cornerstones of goal-based marketing, a new approach to marketing made possible by technology like the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System. Digital marketing technologies have opened up new possibilities for marketers today – and it’s MediaMath’s vision to empower these marketers to drive business outcomes with full transparency and control. Let’s examine these three principles one at a time:

Outcomes means uncompromised emphasis on marketer ROI.

As marketing campaigns progress, and goals change, our system gives you access to learnings that can then be activated to improve media across all channels and inform creative, promotional, merchandising and pricing decisions, providing you comprehensive control over outcomes and driving continuously increasing returns on your marketing spend.

Transparency means insight into the economics of advertising, marketing performance, and algorithmic decisioning that powers your marketing.

From campaign preconception to ads on a page, the flow of spend must be crystal clear throughout the process. As a technology company that empowers an ecosystem, MediaMath benefits from transparent pricing for our own services, as well as the hundreds of partners whose technologies are available in our TerminalOne platform. MediaMath provides complete visibility into economics & decisioning. Additionally, your digital marketing technology provider must allow you to fully understand how the data produces results. MediaMath encourages its clients to test data, optimization strategies, site lists, contextual targeting and other techniques against each other all the time. This sort of optimization is only available when marketers have full insight into all of the factors driving success.

Control means putting you in the driver’s seat of your marketing efforts.

As an extensible software platform with the OPEN Partner Marketplace and flexible support models, TerminalOne gives marketers the ability to take the reins, and drive the outcomes they want to see; we empower marketers by connecting them to the digital marketing ecosystem and giving them the tools they need.

MediaMath’s collective job is to enable outcomes, transparency, and control for marketers. This means driving towards ROI, defined as our clients define it – it also means empowering marketers with the tools to help them realize their business goals, with a more sophisticated and robust technology platform. Ultimately, MediaMath is committed to making the practice of marketing as productive and transformative as never before.