Turning Data Into Actionable Insights with MediaMath’s Analytics Team

September 17, 2018 — by Eric Tutlys    

Marketers rely on data to make decisions, improve performance and innovate the way they look at media buying and optimization. And marketers now have data in troves. But no one can do anything with all this data if they don’t have the right tools, insights and expertise. Solving for why your target audience isn’t responding to your ads requires more than asking for more data. It all starts with a marketer’s KPIs and desired outcomes, and then using actionable data to meet them.

This is why MediaMath’s Analytics team exists—to provide accessibility and transparency to data via custom reporting, visualizations and advanced analytics that lead to actionable insights. A service under our Professional Services unit, our Analytics team offers a variety of analyses and insights to help clients understand not only how their campaigns are performing, but how they can optimize them and improve ROI. The team often engages directly with clients and closely collaborates with our Engagement and Programmatic Strategy and Optimization teams. This means we give clients a full-service approach in which they get one dedicated team oriented toward meeting their specific goals. The offering is designed to serve a continuum of needs; extensive knowledge of data science is not a prerequisite.

How we slice and dice the data

MediaMath’s Analytics offering interprets data in the following ways:

Device Insights: Our powerful ConnectedID cross-device identity technology unlocks insights about your users’ behavior on multiple devices.

Audience Analyses: We identify sub-groups in your audience, like high-value purchasers and repeat purchasers.

Pathway Analyses: Also known as “customer journey,” these analyses can provide insights about how strategies and device and channel variations can affect conversions.

Lift measurement using test control methodology: We use such testing to derive additional insights and incrementality metrics that offer direct applications to your business.

Bespoke Analytics Engagements: Our analysts, data engineers and software engineers collaborate on custom solutions.

Custom Inventory Analysis: We contribute greater insight into the media-buying feedback loop by validating the best-performing inventory that might be less visible in standard reports and inform whitelists and blacklists.

How marketers have used Analytics

Regardless of their market, vertical, programmatic maturity or whether they are managed service or self-service, our clients use insights from our Analytics team to learn, evolve and innovate their marketing. Our Analytics service can benefit all marketers, from those who are just getting started with building a data-driven marketing practice to those who have fully staffed, in-house data science teams.

For one major agency we work with that leverages our DMP, a custom analytics dashboard is critical to the offering as it powers audience index visualization for any audience the agency acquires or builds.  For an entertainment client, we’re relying on a custom dashboard to visualize and optimize on true metrics thanks to closed-loop attribution. A top retailer employed it for same-day attribution, intraday forecasting and pacing guidance to adjust its spend throughout the day. An agency known for its cutting-edge use of technology, meanwhile, leveraging the analytics team in a consulting capacity to further its own in-house analytics.

That’s just the beginning. Soon, we also plan to offer data on fraud and third-party attribution, among other new features.

We know marketers are often overwhelmed by a surfeit of data and they need a partner to make sense of it. Our goal is to help marketers use the valuable data that they already have.